What to Do with Duck Confit

A duck confit is a method of preparing meat that involves preserving it in its own fat. With this method, you will infuse the meat with fat and flavour. The legs and thighs of a duck are its fattiest parts and thus, the ones you wish to use. Letting the legs sit overnight or longer with herbs gives more flavour into the meat and fat. Because you will be hanging out the meat in the fat for a long time while it slowly cooks, you want to seek out high-quality fresh herbs.

How to Get your Duck Confit

Traditionally, duck leg confit would be stored in jars of duck fat, with a layer of pork fat on top. Such pots of confit would make it through winter in a root cellar or cool basement. These days, people store their confit in vacuum-sealed bags in the fridge; however, the flavour is just as satisfying. It is quite easy to make you confit; however, it is time-consuming. You can find a recipe for duck confit online that offers the basics required for conquering confit at home. But, if you wish to take the easy route, purchase Canard confit.

Cooking with Duck Confit

Duck confit is so tender, thus, you can shred and serve it over salad, on bread, or in stews. Its rich flavour will improve veggies and works well with all types of potatoes. The classic way to enjoy confit is to warm it, either crisp it under the broiler or skin side down in a pan with duck fat. You can expect confit to add a dimension to any dish. However, below are some ideas to enjoy duck leg confit:

  • Duck confit shepherd’s pie. Instead of chicken or beef in a pot pie, use duck. Duck confit in a pie is truly a comfort.
  • Duck confit on pasta. Pick your favourite pasta and add a serving of shredded confit on top. Or you can toss it with pasta to make duck confit carbonara. To have the ultimate pasta dish, add a fried duck egg on top with a runny yolk.
  • Duck confit sandwich. Use shredded duck confit as the centre of attraction in your favourite sandwich. Try the meat with your preferred BBQ sauce.
  • Duck confit in Chili. You can use three kinds of duck charcuterie, lots of fresh chilli peppers, and a bit of beer to make a delicious confit in chilli. The combination of these


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