Tips To Successfully Win The Heart Of Strippers

When you visit Bucks Wild in Dallas, be confident and interesting than any other customers the strippers come across. They always have a conversation with crappy, predictable men. Your poise and interesting communication will make her feel pleasant that she met you.

Enter the club with swag

Walk with head held high, revealing as if you are familiar with the environment. If you are unsure where to sit never prowl but look for a seat and settle down [preferably near the speaker or bar]. Never be seated on the seats close to the stage [known as ‘pervert row’].

When a dancer approaches…….

  • Never allow her to sit on your lap! Playfully ask her to sit beside you, so you can get to know one another better. It reveals your confidence and institutes that you know her game and will not follow her narrative.
  • Never agree to a dance offering instantly, except you get an opportunity to isolate her like in a no-alcohol spot. Speak to her playfully as if you are the dancer and she is the customer. She will laugh and straightforwardly interact with you. She is her real self, as you are controlling communication.

Maintain eye contact

While communicating never gawk at her body but maintain eye contact. Never call her cute like the regular guys but instead ask, ‘Tell me something that none of your customers ever guessed about you’. It is a technique, where you are avoiding being a customer.

Respect her profession

Refer to her as a ‘dancer’ and not a ‘stripper’. You can say or imply you dated dancers before, which validates awareness about her profession.

Befriend the staff

Busboys, bouncers, managers, owners, DJs, coat check, etc. must be familiar with you when you pay a visit. It can increase your social value among the dancer as not being a regular or typical customer. Just bring Red Bull can for the doorman and have a friendly conversation saying how you feel jealous of him and his friends guarding the most gorgeous women every night. Chat for some time and go to your seat. Soon he will start giving you a warm smile and welcome.


Girls are earning, so go to the gentlemen’s club on a slow night, when the place has fewer customers. Sit down with the dancer you have been communicating with. You can buy a dance but after some time tell her to sit down and relax. Behave like you are not a customer!

Conversation allows to bond

When the stripper reveals her hidden ambition and talent, your bonding has been successful. She is not a brainless sex object but appreciates when some guy recognizes their true talent.

It is time to talk her into meeting you outside the gentlemen’s club!


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