Quilting Art: All You Need To Know!

For the uninitiated, quilting art refers to the art form that relies on modern and traditional techniques of quilting to create objects. Also called quilt art, this form of artwork is still not as common in some parts of the world, as in others. There are quilting artists, who make quilts that are no less than a painting in terms of beauty and effort. Many of them even have quilting exhibitions, where they display some of their artwork for audiences to appreciate (and often order at times).

Why is quilting unique as an art?

Quilting is a form of handicraft, which means sewing machines are not allowed. Artists often use quilting to express their views of life, or share their own forms of art. From quilts that depict the beauty of nature, to others that play with the geometry of shapes, there are many segments in this form of art. Artists will tell you that they find inspiration in some of the most mundane things that may not interest other people. This is a unique form of art, because the vision must be replicated aptly in the final quilt.

Knowing types of quilting

There are varied ways in which an artist may make a quilt. Some of the applique quilts take months, or often years, in completion, while the standard pieced ones are easier to sew together. Many quilting artists charge enormous prices for each of their ‘artwork’, because of the sheer effort required to make one. Quilters often take up projects on request, and when they are working with unique fabrics and materials, the work may take time. There are no fixed forms in quilting, but artists often use a mix of techniques, to present what’s on their mind. In many cases, customers may just request a replica of something that the quilter has made before.

What kind of quilt should you buy?

If you are buying just one quilt for the love of this art, we recommend that you check for applique quilts and heirloom ones. Most applique quilts are hard to make, and many designs can be produced, which also shows the creativity and overall expertise of the quilter. You can check for many quilting exhibitions online and place an order based on your needs.

We promise that the unique designs will make you dig deeper into the art of quilting, and learn about artists to make such pieces from scratch.


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