Weddings, Making the Most of Your Big Day

There are other special moments in life that you look forward to, but only one that involves the level of anticipation and planning of a wedding. Some people look at this day as a personal statement of all their tastes and good judgement. We all want to make the most of this day, even before we knew who we were going to share it with. This is your day, though, so go ahead and do the things that you want to do. But if you are looking for some advice, there are ways to help things go a little smoother, and to make sure your memories are saved in the best possible way.

  • Hire a Wedding Venue: Sure, your uncle has a big house with a lovely garden, but what about all that stuff you will have to rent to hold the event; the sound system, chairs, decoration and whatever else. Does he have a professional kitchen that can feed 200 guests. Purpose-built wedding venues in Sydney or other major centre will have all these considerations optimised and much more as well.
  • Photography: We all see those amazing wedding photos and, we think, I want mine to look like that. This is great if you find out just what was involved in getting that shot to work. Photographic art is more than just a great idea, it comes from experience, communication, extra time available, and a little luck from the elements. If you are not booking a photographer at a venue, make sure you get one that has lots of experience and references. It is very important to communicate clearly what you are looking for and bring some examples. Beyond that, trust your photographer and do what they say; they know what they’re doing. For the best photos, ask if you can do a bride and groom session in a special location before the wedding day.
  • Relax: No matter what you had figured out for the day, chances are that some things are going to go a little sideways. Although the bride or groom are justified in getting emotional. People will remember whether you rose to the occasion or had a meltdown. It will be the things that were unplanned that you will remember the most anyway.

Weddings should be a celebration not a Broadway show. Keep things elegant but simple. You will enjoy the day much more if you allow the professionals to do their part while you wander about with a genuine smile and not a care in the world.