Tips on Turning Your Property into a Vacation Rental

If you have a second property, you can turn it into an additional income by converting it into a vacation rental. Some people prefer to stay in a rental house than a hotel when they travel, as it offers them more space and the price is more affordable too. If you are thinking about turning your property into one, here are some tips on how to do it.

Check the local requirements

Rental properties do not usually require a lot of requirements. Your local government may still require you to get a permit or license. To ensure that you will be operating legally, check with your zone to determine all the requirements that you will need to start your vacation rental.

Clean up the property

If you lived in the place or you visit for vacation every now and then, you will have your personal things sitting there. It’s time to get rid of that stuff as you want your guests to feel that it is their home away from home. It will be difficult for them to think of that when they see your personal items in every corner of the place.

Do a general cleaning and also ensure that any damage is fixed. Leave the essentials that guests will need for a comfortable stay like pillows, blankets, kitchen appliances, cooking and eating utensils, etc. After cleaning, if there are things that you need to dispose of, including old appliances and furniture, you could get the help of experts offering junk removal services to deal with their disposal.

Invest in a combination lock

If you do not feel comfortable giving the key to your property to your guests, invest in a combination lock or Wi-Fi lock. You can set a code that your guests can use to get in. In case of trouble, you can still use the key to get in. Reset the access code after their stay so you can have peace of mind knowing that there will be no unauthorized access to the property.

Install security features

Security features like smoke alarms and CCTV are essential for the safety of your guests and your property too. There are also CCTVs that you can check on your phone, so even if your far away, you can still view your property anytime you want.

Decide on your rates

You need to set the price for your vacation rental, as it will be one of the things that people will check. To ensure that yours is competitive, check out similar properties around your area and base your rate on them.

Establish house rules

You must be clear about the dos and don’ts on the use of your vacation rental. However, make it a point that they are still acceptable and will not make guests feel uncomfortable. For instance, you may decide not to allow pets in the property, and set a maximum number of guests to accommodate.

Once your vacation rental is ready, it’s time to do the marketing. Post on the right sites online to ensure that you reach your target market, and add clear and inviting photos too, so you will entice more guests to make a booking.