Still Looking For Reasons To Make Up Your Mind About Setting Up Your Startup In Phoenix?

Arizona’s capital Phoenix is no more associated with its tropical weather and desert sands. In the past decade, the city gradually grew into a hub for innovative entrepreneurs. Many start-ups struggle to stay afloat in the highly competitive Silicon Valley. Phoenix is now a preferred city for start-up owners since the city provides better opportunities for their businesses to thrive.

There are several startups in Phoenix. If you are planning on setting up a business in Phoenix, look for accommodation somewhere close to the main area of action like Scottsdale. Consider Optima Sonoran Village as it is one of the most preferred accommodation options.

When looking for an apartment in Phoenix:

  • Decide on a budget: Narrow down your search based on the fixed budget so that you don’t waste time looking into options you won’t move into anyway.
  • Ask for recommendations: Look at Google reviews and ask for recommendations from people you know. If you are eyeing on a particular rental property, talk to others in the apartment and see if they are facing any issues.
  • Pet regulations: If you having pets ask prospective property owners about the pet regulations since some property owners permit only certain types of pets.
  • Average utility costs: Take into consideration to overall costs. Though the rent sounds reasonable, other bills like utility and parking fees may add up to the total significantly.

Reasons for Phoenix’s rise as a hub for entrepreneurs: 

There are several reasons startup owners find moving to Phoenix beneficial for their business.

  • Affordable cost of living: Its affordable standard of living is inviting for start-up owners who are careful about investments. Its cost of living is approximately 42% less than that of California with the rent of a 900 square foot apartment being $1302.

  • Business climate: Phoenix provides an advantageous work environment, low business costs, minimal regulation, and a competitive workforce. The cost of doing business here is about 32% less than that in California.
  • Pro-business regulations: There is no corporate franchise tax, low income, and property tax. There are economic development programs like qualified facilities refundable tax credit and quality jobs tax credit.
  • The thriving start-up scene: The city is buzzing with entrepreneurial activity backed up with many supporting resources. There are many companies and non-profit organizations like CO+Hoots, Seed Spot, #yesphx, to help budding entrepreneurs for the development of their start-ups during their initial stages.

Start your business confidently in Phoenix. With the truckload of supportive resources available, your fears will melt away and your business has great potential to succeed.


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