Should You Make Your Own Beauty Products or Use a Manufacturer?

If you’re starting your own range of skincare or beauty products, you will no doubt be spending a lot of time thinking about branding and how to sell it. However, one thing you should think about before anything else is how you’ll make the volume of products you want to sell. If it’s a small, exclusive line, you may want to make your own products, but at a certain point, you might want someone else to do it for you. Here are some things you’ll need to consider.

Your target market

You should think about the target market for your product:

  • Exclusivity – are you aiming to mass produce or sell expensive, small batch products
  • What kind of people will be using your product? Will they want something that’s handmade
  • Costs – look at the prices of the products you want to sell. Is it achievable to make your products for this cost?

These are important decisions all business owners need to make, so you need to spend some time thinking about them before you decide on manufacturing methods.

Do you have the space at home?

Making cosmetics and skincare products is not as simple as it looks. You often need to heat or cool batches of the product, which is very time consuming. This can take up a lot of space, so even if you have a workshop, you may find it frustrating and feel it takes over your life. That is why sending the jobs to manufacturers can make a lot of sense.

Do you have the right equipment?

While you may have made some products at home in small batches, scaling these projects up can be difficult. If you visit a cosmetic manufactory (called สถานที่ผลิตเครื่องสำอาง in Thai), you’ll notice that lots of different kinds of machinery is used. Buying this stuff is usually out of the reach of a small business, which is why a third party takes on the job. If you want to make cosmetics or beauty products, then you might not be able to buy the equipment up front, so in the early days, it makes sense to use a manufacturer.

Launching your own line of beauty products? You may be wondering the best way to sort out manufacturing. While you can make things yourself for a while, once you scale up, you should consider using a professional manufacturer. Not only can then take on higher volumes, they are very good at making things look neat and giving you a luxury finish.


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