Remember Your Life Moments by Using the Best Pens to Mark Your Photo Book

Memories result from every moment of life. Sometimes you might want to forget these memories but still want a slight chuckle at how embarrassing and stupid the moments were. Some may bring melancholy feelings whenever you reminisce, but you smile because of happy memories. Bring warm fuzzies of your past with Mixbook photo book maker.

Outlined below are pens used to mark your photo book so that you vividly remember the event, friend, and even important friends and family who passed away.

Precision micro-pen

The black micro-pens are non-toxic, waterproof, and acid-free. They have superior archival quality and long-lasting waterproof vibrant pigment ink that does not fade away, smear, and skip on papers. These pens leave you experiencing the smoothness, skip-free writing, and crisp ink colors that leave consistent lettering and lines on your photograph.

American craft scrapbook utility pen

American craft markers are ideal for writing on photos because the ink dries quickly and has a durable cyclic tip. The marker ink has high archival quality, is acid-free, permanent, and non-toxic, keeping your memories long. Make your grandchildren see your best and tough moments by marking your photobook with these kinds of markers.

Sharpie grip pen

It is black and has a fine tip. The ink has high archival quality, is acid-free, and it is resistant to fading. Imagine the thought of igniting thought-provoking messages with its bold messages to your friends and families and even as you get old? The ink doesn’t bleed through the paper and dries out quickly, leaving a medium point for the contoured design of effortless details and control. Celebrate your story by capturing all those effortless details with this marker.

Sakura black Pigma Micron pens

These pens are perfect for everyday photo-bookmarking since their ink does not bleed through the paper, are fade-resistant, quick-drying, high archival quality, neutral ph, and waterproof. It makes it possible to store your memories permanently for a long period, helping you remember significant memories in your life history.

White gel pens

The pens have an extra-fine tip for superior design. The ink is water-resistant, dries out quickly, and has high archival value for smooth and effortless drawing without smudging.

Make your photobook and wedding invitations to get that eye-popping contrast with these pens and bring those memories to life.

Gold and silver metallic marker pens

These pens have permanent, waterproof marker inks, high-archival-quality, smooth writing, and quick-drying ink that do not smear and bleed on the photo.

Zig calligraphy markers

They are a set of three pens designed for color graduation in your photograph. They are double-ended pens with fine tips. The ink is acid-free, waterproof, non-bleeding, photo-safe, xylene-free, and odorless for water-based pigment, durability, and quality archival. These pens bring a blending elegance to your photo and pinpoint the memories out for the longest time possible.

Get the best pens for photo-bookmarking

All markers have sizes, colors, and brands, but every pen has a different goal. Marth Stewart at Mixbook will help you choose and select the best marker for your photo book to keep those memories alive and long-lasting remembrance of tough and happy moments.



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