Poker Face to Poker Face – ABS Composite Versus Clay Poker Nick

As poker players face the facts off nightly at different gaming tables in Vegas, so the different sorts of chips which are in the marketplace nowadays. From one of the different poker nick materials, 3 remain standing strong and able to face one another. Fundamental essentials ABS composite nick and also the Clay Nick. Another material, the plastic nick, isn’t within their league. Which is going to be declared because the poker player’s favorite nick of preference?

The Plastic nick, which initially was thought to have what must be done to become a contender, was dropped from the running because it didn’t satisfy the weight needs to become categorized like a heavy weight. The plastic poker nick, that was first broadly recognized by newbie poker players, eventually lost its crowd draw. Blame it on its characteristic light weightiness of getting only typically 7.5 to 9. grams, players easily recognized the plastic nick is really a mug and doesn’t possess a professional feel into it. The plastic nick also breaks easily pressurized because the poker games be serious. Individuals who recognized the plastic nick before soon learned that it can’t be as good at more severe poker gaming than if this was performed in a beginner level.

The ABS Composite Nick and also the Clay Nick however, possess the fight neck and neck that players continue to be unsure which will win within the finish. This is actually the tale from the tape for chips:


When it comes to cost, ABS Composite Nick is better off for poker players who wish to have quality chips in a value for his or her money as the Clay Nick has taken the hearts from the distinguished players who enjoy having the authentic feel for their poker playing. A top quality clay nick may cost around $3 per nick. Within this category, the poker players are divided almost evenly.


Around the heftiness category, both chips scored evenly with every nick getting a typical weight of 11.5 to 13.5 grams. The ABS Composite nick however will need additional metallic inserts to be able to match the load from the Clay Chips.


With regards to durability, the ABS Nick, being produced from Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene, boasts that it may serve you for a lifetime despite regular use. The Clay Nick, however, could be scratched easier compared to ABS nick and may even break with extreme abuse. However, the Clay Nick holds its ground and can provide you with great poker gaming for around five to seven years. It however must be oiled regularly for maintenance.

Design, Feel and Seem

The ABS Composite Nick is definitely a person-pleaser using its sharp and flashy graphics and fashions nevertheless it lacks about how it requires players when it comes to its feel and seem. Players are disappointed using the ABS Chip’s metallic clanking whenever it enters a texas holdem game. The ABS Nick can also be less excellent because the Clay Nick with regards to getting that authentic casino feel and seem.

The Decision

With every aspect of comparison given above, the battle for that favorite poker nick ends having a draw. The ABS Nick won within the better, value-for-money seeking poker players. The Clay Nick however stored its recognition with poker players choosing the authentic poker gaming feel even when they’d spend more money for this.