Plan To Learn Japanese For Advancing Your Career? Check This Guide!

If you already know the basics of Japanese as a language, taking up a specific business course can be really helpful. For the uninitiated, business Japanese courses are basically designed for professionals, who want to learn the language for improving communication at work and to understand how Japanese is used in a business environment. Thanks to Google, it wouldn’t take long to find a Japanese tutor in your area, but with online language schools, learning is easier than ever.  Virtual language schools that teach Japanese usually have special courses for business students and working professionals, and here’s more on what you need know.

Decoding business Japanese courses

Japanese courses that are designed for professionals expect students and learners to know the language at the basic or intermediate level. Whatever you learn will be more about business communication than anything else, and such courses are usually divided into three segments – introductory, intermediate, and advance.

  • In the introductory segment, it is usually about business communication, and you can expect to learn about language to be used with colleagues, clients and in business meetings, besides the process of taking and making business calls.
  • The intermediate level is more about advanced aspects like writing business proposals in Japanese, holding parties and better ways to communicate with people with regards to work and related aspects.
  • Advanced level is about business presentations, ways to interview employees and reporting performance of a business in right tone and language. Business Japanese courses are not always the same, so check what’s included in the course.

Finding a Japanese language school

Today, you don’t need to wait to visit a language school. The best ones are now online and offer the ultimate virtual learning experience. These language schools bring business Japanese courses straight on your laptop, and you can even take classes on your mobile or tablet, using online video conferencing software. Before you sign up for one of these schools, check what they have on offer and if they ensure access to tutors. Unless you have direct interaction with the language experts, learning Japanese can be more complicated. Also, the resources required to complete the course should be accessible, as well. Online textbooks and free course contents are great, although some language schools do insist students to practice more by buying extra books.

Japanese is a unique language in many ways and it can actually help your career, especially if you are working with companies with origins in the country.


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