Know the Stages in The History of Zoo De Granby

Instead of going to a long trip with your kids on a holiday, you can visit some exciting places in your backyard. Zoo De Granby is a wonderful place where you and your kids can see amazing animals, water parks and fun rides. Even many of the gazettes from West prefer the same for worldwide exploration of beautiful atmosphere.

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The following is some important information that helps you in getting a better idea about Granby Zoological Garden.


Mr. Pierre-Horace Boivin (1939-1964) is the founder of Zoo de Granby. He is the Mayor of Granby city and a great animal lover. He collected a lot of animals like horses, goats, and many others. His habit of collecting and caring animals increased day by day and finally he started a zoo.

Notre-Dame parish granted 60 acres of land to Mr. Boivin in 1953 to keep all his animals. Finally, the zoo was transferred in the hands of Granby Zoological Society officially in the same year.

A baby elephant Ambika was given by Prime of India Jawaharlal Nehru (1947-1964). Also, the zoo adopted an orphan giraffe. Thus, the Granby Zoological Garden received its streak and became famous tourist place in Quebec.

Animals and others

It represents about 225 species of nearly 1,000 exotic animals. They include –

  • Unique animals like hippopotamuses, rhinoceros, and lions at keystone African pavilion
  • South Pacific animal showcase including kangaroos, stingrays, and sharks at Oceania pavilion

  • South American animals such as jaguars, saki monkeys, and llamas
  • Aviary room with vocal parrots
  • Elevated monorail to cover most of the interesting places in the zoo.

Other places

Also, you can visit the Water Park and amusement park to enjoy the games and rides in them. You can even experience a 6D movie in the small theatre, enjoy in wave pool, water slides and river trip on inner tube for kids, and more.

If you really want to enjoy all these, plan a day trip to the Granby Zoological Garden. Gather information, choose the best hotel nearby and book today to experience a memorable trip with your kids.