How to Select a Forex Trading Mentor

Like all other endeavors in the world, learning Forex trading is a daunting task. A trader must get a proper basis of knowledge about this business from the beginning. Otherwise, dealing with it will get tougher in the future.

Most new traders quit their journey in their first days of trading venture because of their misconceptions and wrong ideas about the marketplace. They blow their accounts multiple times, suffer tremendous loss, lose all their money, and finally quit trading.

Finding the right mentor to learn about the Forex marketplace can be an effective solution to this problem.

The Right Mentor

The Forex Market differs from other business endeavors. Traders who are at their learning stage suffer capital loss for every committed mistake. Professional marketers who have traveled every hollow and narrow lane of the Forex market can navigate a trader through the most promising direction to success. Click to read more about the professionals of the Mena region. Visit the website of Saxo and start enhancing your knowledge by accessing the free resources. Never be biased about your actions as it will ruin your career.

·       Specialized:

A specialized Forex trading mentor has excellence and many years of trading experience. Being an expert in his field, an excellent mentor guides and motivates an amateur to be a proficient and better trader. Besides that, they show respect to beginner traders’ intentions and strategies but revamps them where necessary.

·       Knows their tools:

A mentor is someone who has developed their skills with tremendous practice and by facing situations in the real market. They know which features and tools are more reliable in a certain situation.  They are committed, dedicated traders and have got this far only by confronting real failure and losing real money. It makes them the most eligible people to tech a newbie how to trade effectively.

·       Successful

A newcomer must choose someone as a mentor who has succeeded in his trading journey and now come to a point where he can avert hidden losses efficiently. All the above, he will not be a follower or mentioner of any quick success methodology.

A professional trader knows that there is no valid method that can promise success overnight and never suggest such things to anybody.

·       Inspiring

An inspiring mentor not only just a skilled and successful trader but also, he is an inspiring individual who motivates others to reach a higher level. He seems to simplify even a complicated strategy and make it applicable in a complex situation. It lifts a beginner trader’s mindset, and they become enthusiastic to learn more.

·       Supportive

A good mentor never closes his door. He always remains supportive of his pupil. A learner should have access to his mentor through several portals like e-mail, messaging apps, phones. He must be reachable anytime and should be able to provide help to the learner.

Whenever a beginner trader starts his own business, he should access his everyday trading states to his mentor and get the necessary feedback. This post-mentoring phase is not any less important than the mentoring phase.

·       Honesty

You must have built a two-way relationship with your mentor. You need to trust your mentor, and in response, your mentor should be credible with you. When a mentor assures you of 100% success, he may not be completely trustworthy since the Forex market is a highly fluctuating market, and nothing is ever guaranteed.

An honest mentor will first mention you of this uncertainty of trading business. It is necessary to be able to place your faith in your mentor. Otherwise, you will never be satisfied with your mentor’s teaching methods.


These are the essential qualities a trading mentor must possess. Never hold back when you have anything to ask your mentor. Ask them things, and don’t stop questioning them until you have a clear understanding of a topic.



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