How to Propose Her in Style for a Guaranteed Yes

You like a girl who works in the same building as you do or probably lives a few blocks away. After months of hard work you both have become friends and now you hangout together almost all the time. You like her and think that even she likes you, but haven’ yet asked her officially about it. Scared of hearing a no and the future of your friendship if you take the next step and propose her?

Well, here are a few tips you can give a shot to make sure your girl says yes to you.

Take Her To A Romantic Dinner

This is the first thing you have to do if you want to take things forward. If she isn’t into you, then she will probably say no right away and not go to a romantic dinner with you. However, yes from her for a dinner will keep your hopes high and give you enough confidence to express your feelings when the time comes. So, don’t waste any time before asking her for a romantic dinner. Once she says yes, book a place that is close to her house and offers positive and romantic vibes. It’ll be great if you can book a poolside table and request a candlelight dinner from the staff members. All of this has to be booked in advance so both of you can enjoy your time together.

Propose Her With An Amazing Ring

Once your dinner plan is fixed, the next step is to purchase a beautiful proposal ring in Singapore that can resonate with your feelings for her. There are plenty of online platforms that feature such rings. You can visit any of them and choose a ring that fits within your budget. Don’t forget to tell the online support agent about your plan so that if there is any delivery related issue, it can be sorted out immediately. In any case, your ring should be beautiful and classy. Aim for a diamond ring, but even if it’s beyond your budget, then you can even look for a gemstone ring that looks beautiful and can be considered a good investment due to value appreciation.

On the dinner night, after you have entered the venue and are already a couple of drinks down, right before your dinner is served, propose her with your ring. If she is impressed with all your efforts made till now, she will say a yes. This method works for everyone. Try it once and share your response with us.


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