How to Plan A Successful Offsite Business Luncheon?

Offsite meetings are meetings that you conduct outside your workplace. It is one of the biggest chances for companies to form their culture. The way a company spends time and effort on an offsite show what it values and can strengthen their relationships with the employees. It is an effective way for employees to bond, learn, grow, communicate, and promote the company culture. The concept may be simple but it may be a logistical challenge.

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Tips for planning an offsite luncheon

The following are some tips that could help you in planning a successful offsite luncheon.

  • Developing your employee offsite strategy

You need to first understand the culture of your organization. Ideas for your offsite business luncheon must align with your mission, vision, and values. You need to understand where you can prioritize your budget.

  • Align offsite meetings with employee recognitions

The offsite meetings should prove that companies are in touch with their employees. It can be a great way to strengthen employees’ peer relationships and increase their bonding.

  • Activities for the meetings

There could be activities to engage your employees such as teambuilding exercises. Games, services, roundtables are informal ways for employees to interact with one another. Furthermore, keynote speakers could also be called to motivate the employees and for entertainment purposes, there could be activities like music, etc.

  • Logistics

The venue consideration is also important. If the business luncheon is to relax with the team members then resorts and restaurants would be ideal but if there are meetings then conference rooms are necessary. Furthermore, the kind of food and drinks to be served must also be carefully considered.

  • Budget

One of the most important elements of planning any event or offsite is the budget allocated. The cost per-head must be considered and the expectations must be met within the provided budget.

  • Scheduling

Lastly, the perfect date for an offsite should be set after carefully going over the work, the schedules of the executives, and the workloads of the employees.


The above-mentioned points can help plan an offsite business luncheon. Make sure that the employees feel like they are valued in the company.


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