How Fast Do the Bed Bugs Spread and Where do They Live?

Bed bugs are oval shaped tiny brown insects. They survive on the blood of humans and sometimes animals too. When they become adults, their bodies become flat and in the size of an apple seed. But after feeding, their bodies become red and swell up with blood. They don’t have wings, so they cannot fly.

How rapidly do they spread?

The immature bed bugs are known as nymphs. They tend to shed skin 5 times before they become mature and need a blood meal before they shed. They develop 3 or more generations within a year. You just need one pregnant female bed bug to get your place infested. Even though they lay only around a hundred eggs in her entire life, she covers every egg with a layer that it becomes impossible for it to break.

The eggs hatch in 6 to 10 days and the nymphs feed on human blood. They can also live in coldest of temperatures. The nymphs can go without feeding for 3 months and the adults, 6 months. In other words, the bed bugs could infest your home in 6 months with no food and if the humans are already living in, the infestation would never end.

A well infested house means that they have been at your place since 4 to 8 months. In that period of time, you will be able to find many signs like blood stains, excrements, shed skin and a lot more. If the infestation is not address, then can spread in the entire building. Hence, you need to address this issue when the first telltale signs show up. Apply bed-bugs to fix the issue.

Where do they live?

Bed bugs usually live in an area where the person is sleeping. And most of them stay within 8 feet of the host. Even though the bed bugs stay in the beds, they also infest and live in many areas of home like:

  • In furniture and drawers
  • Within baseboards
  • Behind headboards or on bed frames
  • In the ceiling and wall cracks
  • On pillows
  • In piles of clothes on the floor

  • In drapes and curtains
  • In boxes, luggage, or other bags
  • In electrical outlets
  • In clock radios, fans, and other electronics
  • In picture frames and other wall art
  • Between carpets and walls


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