6 Common Tooth Brushing Mistakes that Should Totally be Avoided

Tooth brushing has now become a habit and is now deemed a second nature to almost everyone. And, not everyone is conscious about their brushing habit, that they might be doing it the wrong way. Ensure that you are leaving no stone unturned to keep your soins dentaires in a top notch condition. We have listed some of the most common brushing teeth mistakes to be avoided by all means.

  1. Ensure that you have the right toothbrush

A soft bristled toothbrush is all you need to protect your tooth enamel and gums. Hard bristles go hard on your teeth. You can go for electric toothbrush or manual. If you find it hard to go for all the unreachable areas of your teeth, then go for an electric toothbrush.

  1. Work on your technique

The best way to brush is to align it at a 45 degree angle and make short, up and down strokes. Ensure to clean all the areas of your teeth, particularly the hard to reach areas and your tongue as well.

  1. Brush for at least two minutes, twice on a daily basis

Many people fail to follow the two minute rule. Try segregating your mouth into 4 parts and spend 30 seconds on each part. Never over brush. You can also try to switch up your technique. Begin brushing in various areas every time you brush to prevent getting bored with your routine and brushing less than needed.

  1. Brush enough, but never overdo it

Brushing twice or thrice a day is the best, but rooting for more is actually bad. Over brushing can ruin the tooth enamel and the gum tissue which can pose you vulnerable for more dental issues. Also go for a light touch when it comes to removing plaque as well.

  1. Keep your sweet tooth cravings under control.

Food and beverages loaded with acids can ruin your enamel. If you are having something sweet or acidic, wait at least 30 minutes before you brush to let your saliva wash away the acid and re harden the softened enamel. Brushing promptly after eating can fade away your enamel.

  1. Use the right toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste is best for brightening your smile, however, these products go harsh on your teeth and could end up ruining your teeth. It is ideal to use a regular toothpaste that is loaded with fluoride. If you have sensitive teeth, there are many brands that can help you relieve the symptoms.


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