​Best Smartphones of 2017! (So far)


by Micheal Scott 262 Views 0

With the year approaching its midway point, we look back at this season’s list of smartphones and offer an honest and concise review. Every year there is an array of new ‘Must-have’ smartphones for all us tech-heads to obsess over. And believe us, there is indeed some amazing phones out this year but among them is a longer list of phones destined to leave you and your wallet feeling empty. Thankfully, we’re on call to separate the great from the gunth and hopefully deter you from making any terrible and costly decisions. We’ve thrown together this concise and honest review of what we consider to be the best 5 smartphones we had the pleasure of testing this year so far.

5. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

First up we have the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Very similar to its predecessor, the Galaxy S7 Edge, it features a 6.2-inch curved screen that makes for impressive viewing. Like the S7, it continues to feature water and dust proof technology. It features a majorly impressive 64 GB of storage with the option to add an external SD card to allow for even more storage. For those who enjoy having a massive screen on their phone and hate apple, this is your phone!

4. iPhone 7

And for those of you who love apple. This is your phone. (You either love apple or hate them, aint no in between) So next up we’ve got the (in)famous iPhone 7. As always Apple is the major hitter overwhelming all of the competition. This year features pretty much all the same as every other year apart from one major change. This year the iPhone is completely waterproof which we found extremely impressive. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus can withstand 1 meter of submerged water for up to 30 minutes. One thing we dislike about the iPhone is there refusal to lower the price tag. Although this doesn't mean it's a bad phone. With a power boost under the hood, water resistant and a decent camera upgrade all on offer there's enough to keep potential buyers interested.

3. OnePlus 5

The OnePlus 5 is next on our list of must have phones. This phone similar to its predecessor features 1080p 5.5 ich screen. This year’s phone features a choice of 64GB or even a massive 128GB of internal storage although doesn’t have the option for an external SD card. The one thing we do love about the OnePlus is the price. It is by far the most affordable must have smartphone on the market this year. Ranging from £20 - £30 a month brand on most networks. We’ve even got a few sneaky EE broadband Deals to save you some cash if you’re having a snoop around EE website.

2. iPhone 7 Plus

Our second top favourite is the almighty iPhone 7. For this one we’re looking at very similar specs as the 7 but with the obvious huge-ass screen. Other than this feature there isn’t really much to see here.

1. Samsung Galaxy S8

Finally, we’ve made it to number one. The top spot and what we perceive to be the best phone of 2017 is the Samsung Galaxy S8. With similar aspects to the S8 Plus there isn’t a whole lot to add other it’s impressive 4GB of ram and amazing 1440x2960 display. The only reason we prefer this to the Plus is that we believe the sheer size of the Plus is a little overwhelming.

All in all we believe the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the best phone of 2017 and we can’t recommend it enough.